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Semi Conductor by Nippon Pillar
For Semiconductors
Fittings, heat exchangers, pumps, tubes and valves for semiconductor production
Gland_Packing by Nippon Pillar
Gland Packing
Semi-metallic cylindrical packing for valves. OEM-, MRO-Packing & Gaskets...
Gland Packing
Casette Seal by Nippon Pillar
Mechanical Seals
Pillar mechanical seals are currently all retrofits for aftermarket sales
Mechanical Seals
Nippon_Pillar_PC-Clad for Communication & Sensing Devices
Microwave PC Board Material for communication & sensing devices
Pillar PC-Clad

Sealing technology since 1924

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As one of the leading manufacturers of fluid-control seals to stop leaks in various types of industrial equipment, our product portfolio comprises gland packings, gaskets, and mechanical seals. Also, we are developing innovative seal technology and materials, deploying products to meet the needs of our customers.



Marine Service

Semiconductor & LCD

5G IoT Automotive

Water/ Irrigation

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